About Us

Since 1870, congregations from all religious denominations in Sheffield have contributed to the Sheffield Hospital Sunday Fund. Initially the collections, made to support Sheffield hospitals,¬†were made on the last Sunday in January which gave the fund its name. Many congregations still mark this day as ‘Hospital Sunday’ and have a specific collection in aid of the fund.

Today, Sheffield Hospital Sunday Fund is administered by Social Workers, Chaplains and Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care. It is available to anyone, anywhere within the NHS system. The aim of the fund is to provide a specific and immediate grant for those most in need where no other source of funding is available.

Examples of recent help provided include:

  • Emergency taxi fares fot the parent of a child on the Oncology Unit at Sheffield Children’s Hospital
  • Basic toiletries and shoes for a psychiatric patient
  • Food for an elderly person discharged from hospital
  • Transport for a teenager to visit her terminally ill parent in the hospice
  • Bedding for a homeless person discharged from hospital