Our Constitution

  1. The organisation shall be called:

The Sheffield Hospital Sunday Fund

  1. The aims and objectives shall be:
  1. a) to provide comforts and amenities to the patients of the hospital in the Sheffield area.
  1. b) to defray travelling expenses of patients and/or their relatives who have to attend units in the Sheffield area for treatment or visiting, and where no statutory grants are available.
  1. c) to give special grants to patients or recent ex-patients e.g. rehabilitation (in the broadest connotation of this word), clothing, domestic appliances, furniture and other aids and equipment.
  1. d) to give grants towards convalescent expenses
  1. e) to be used at the discretion of the Chaplains and Social Workers to whom the funds are allocated in line with the general principles stated in the previous section 1-4.

For the purpose of the fund the definition of a hospital is:

Those hospitals in the National Health Service having Trust status or not: to St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield; and also previous hospital patients now resident in accommodation provided by the Local Authority under the Community Care Act 1993 in conjunction with Housing Associations, the Health Authority (Trusts) and the Social Services Department (appropriate committee/dept of the Local Authority) and the Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care as part of care in the Community.

The earmarking of sums of money for special purposes i.e. the appeals of other charities appealing to the Sheffield Hospital Sunday Fund is not permitted. Individual patients in need of help would always be considered according to the merits of each case, by the officers of the Fund and in the light of the funds available at the time.

Allocations shall be made to Chaplains with managerial responsibility within the hospital Trusts and Units.

Allocations to Social Workers would be through the Social Work Manager for the defined areas within Sheffield, (i.e. Hospital Trusts and Sheffield Social Services Department) taking into account the regrouping of various specialities.

Similarly allocation to Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care (S4C) workers would be through the Director.

The responsibility for the distribution of funds would be after full consultation with colleagues within the 3 groups according to overall needs. It is to be stressed that these funds should always be kept separate from Chaplaincy and Social Work budgets so that they will never be considered part of the normal departmental budgets.

Funds dispersers should be required to produce to the Fund a statement annually of how the money has been spent or allocated.

  1. Contributions and Membership

Contributions may be received from individual Churches or places of worship of all denominations/faiths following appeals, and from any members of the public.

  1. Officers and Committee

The Annual General Meeting shall elect a Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer who, with not more than six other elected persons shall form a Management Committee, with power to co-opt. The Chairperson, Secretary and the treasurer being ex-officio members.

  1. Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of October each year, due notice of which shall have been published 14 days in advance.

The Committee shall meet in the month of May each year in order to effect allocations for the year, and may meet on other occasions should the business of the Fund require.

  1. Alteration of Rules

Notice of any proposed alteration of Rules shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary 28 days before the date of the Annual Meeting.

  1. Accounts

The Treasurer shall present a statement of Accounts (Income and Expenditure) to the Annual Meeting.

  1. Winding up

In the event of the winding up of the Fund, the disposal of any remaining assets shall be disbursed to the beneficiaries at the time, on the basis of the allocations made previously.